In the “Advanced Game Development” (Modules: Core Elective 1 – 2), students take two out of three electives: “Game Arts”, “Game Design” and “Game Programming”. Furthermore they study “Sound Design”. At the same time, they start to prepare their Master’s project (Modules: MA Project Prep & MA Project Dev), receive theoretical-historical instruction in “Advanced Media and Game Studies” (Modules: Advanced Media & Games Studies I + II) and take part in the events of the module “Reflection & Community” (Mentoring, Lecture Series, Teaching & Research Practice) (Modules: Reflections & Community I – III).

In the third semester, the Master’s project is transferred directly into the work on the Master’s thesis (Module: MA Thesis). The module ends with the final presentation of the Master’s thesis and its evaluation by the supervising instructors.

Advanced Game Development

Reflection & Community