A Drop in the Ocean

Collaborative Project

The game will take place in our main character’s (Ed) memories, that he relives one last time. The player will float around the zero gravity memory space, giving him a sense of detachment and inexplicable freedom, from there he can enter certain memories by flying into portals. The memories themselves will play like classic 2D sides rollers with small, mostly sound based puzzle elements. Here, the main parts of the story will take place as the player will relive certain locations from Ed’s previous life and interact with the people beloved an important to him. Our NPC-based dialogue system offers the player a new approach to dialogue based storytelling as he will have the opportunity to choose the questions the NPCs will ask the character and not vice versa to get information about Ed’s past life.


‘A Drop in the Ocean’ deals with the question “What is a joyful life?”.

Platform: PC (eventually: Mobile)

Genre: Experience based 2D Narrative Game


Design and Sound: Lara Sophia Sips

Arts: Tabea Hercsuth and Kurt Rexrodt

Programming: Jan David Wasem and Moritz Anton Pauli

Voicea: Tabea Hercsuth and Frederik Winterhager