Alterity: A Ludonarrative Experience.

Our project is not a traditional game. It is a “ludonarrative experience” as we call it. It is a collection of levels tied together by a common theme and most importantly their differences. The player can select to play any level at any point in a non-linear fashion.
Since this semester we get the chance to break conventions and be free regarding our project we decided to use game design to showcase the alterity between the 3 designers of the team. After all, we are all different people with different cultural backgrounds and we wanted to show that through an interactive experience. Our project provides the user with a total of 9 prototyped levels, each different and abstract in their own way, that are equally divided into 3 levels of alterity. Each designer was tasked with creating their own level around a specific theme. Having a common theme ensures that the differences of interpretation will be easily shown, and having each designer work on their own level is done so our personal design approach is preserved and not skewed by other ideas.

Tagline: An abstract collection of levels made for PC to showcase alterity.

Platform: PC

Genre: Experimental Game, Theme: Alterity

Ilayda Ardic
Luisa Maibaum
Georgios Lindaris

Gameplay Videos