Blindgate Forest was once a popular tourist region and an, by camping fans, often visited holiday destination. Unfortunately, the Blindgate Forest lost a lot of its popularity due to reported evidence of occultic practices around the summer of 2009. A group attributed to the occult, spread fear and terror with their gruesome practices of sacrificing to gods and demons. By now the Blindgate Forest was declared a restricted area after the mysterious disappearing of a young girl during holidays with her parents. You and your friend, dedicate yourself to exploring an urban legend, coincidentally this urban legend takes place in the Blindgate Forest. Guided by your friend, you step into the Blindgate Forest and together you uncover the dramatic events of the past.

Blindgate Forest is a first-person cooperative horror game with heavy focus on story, exploration and teamwork between two players.

Arthur Riewe – Game Design and Project Lead
Janine Janer – Programming
Ryan Pocock, Nikodem Jozef Malec – Art

Gameplay Video