“BUILDventure” is a game developed to show how immersive, engaging, and fun an educative game can be! Arriving in an Italian village, the player must gather business proposals and information on how to choose the best one. By talking to people, playing minigames, and even understanding the village’s traditions and festivals, students will also assimilate important concepts about entrepreneurship, client management, participating in Request for Proposals, and more.

“BUILDventure” is designed as an example of what teachers could do with a fully modular platform for educative game development. It is the remake of “Construction Tycoon”, a game made on the EMERGO platform in the Open University of the Netherlands.

Tagline: Engaging Entrepreneurship

Platform: PC

Genre: Educative Adventure Game

Arkady Gribachev (Artist)
Dimas de Lorena Filho (Designer)
Leonard Liebler (Artist)
Narek Babyan (Artist)
Sara Kindschus (Programmer/Sound Design)
Simon Skrippek (Programmer)

Gameplay Videos