Conception Project

Conception follows the journey of Alex, an artist who experiences creative block. They struggle through the creative process to create a painting. Alex experiences inspiration, doubt, agony, epiphany, and catharsis.

As a player you are playing in Alex’s mind. You complete puzzles in order to help Alex through the stages of the creative process. These puzzles involve printing out tetris like puzzle blocks. With the puzzle blocks the player is able to build bridges, statues, staircases, and more in order to advance.

Tagline: Enter the mind of Alex, an artist and lead them through their creative process, from inspiration all the way to catharsis.

Platform: PC

Genre: Narrative Game

Robert Michrowski (Programmer/Organization)
Jasmin Rohde (Programmer/Sound Designer)
Kosan Aziz (3D/Tech Artist)
Kaloyan Boychev (Concept Artist/Team Lead)
Anna Oberhauser (Game Designer)
Jon Beck (Game Designer)
Jann Pätzold (Music Consultant)

Gameplay Video