Corp ID

Collaborative Project

Corp ID is a mixture of exploration and puzzle adventure that takes place in America in the 80s and 90s. Experience corporations background that is hidden from people. As protagonist Kelvin Medoc you have to solve the problems of big media corporations. During your missions, you will have the possibility to research levels, find different approaches to get the job done, and decide the fate of people who trying to smear corporations’ identity. Become the guy who makes problems disappear and try to stay away from a destructive environment.


„Corp ID“ is a third-person logical adventure. In order to complete each level, you will have to explore the level, find needed objects and use them in the right order.

Genre: Third-Person Adventure-Puzzle


Arthur Sliwka – programmer

Jan David Wasem – programmer

Jovan Matoski – artist

Leonardo A. Sanchez R – artist

Daniil Khokhonov – game designer