Detachment is a story-driven game about an old man trying to preserve what is left of his memories, especially about his wife, Alma. The project’s theme was “A Blank Page,” and we thought addressing one of the most unfortunate neurological conditions (aka Alzheimer’s) would be fitting. We did lots of research and poured our souls into this project, as we all felt responsible for covering such a sensitive topic.

Tagline: Seventy-eight-year-old Charlie is struggling to remember his past after his beloved wife, Alma, left him. Will he be able to remember his memories with Alma one last time…?

Platform: PC

Genre: 2D, Adventure, Point & Click

Anton Sinner (Project Lead & Sound Design)
Ehsan Tabesh (Writer & Narrative Design)
Nastaran Namei (Art & Animation)
Mona Shayeghi (Game Design)
David Searle (Programming)

Gameplay Trailer