As Zeus looked upon earth he saw the most beautiful woman of Phoenicia, the princess Europa and fell in love with her. To avoid the suspicious gaze of his wife Hera he transformed himself into a beautiful bull and charmed the princess to fall in love with him as well. Soon his wife Hera found out about his affair and sends enemies after the two lovers, to ensure that her husband is not making any further mistakes. The two fugitives have to avoid obstacles and defeat enemies on their run from the wrath of Hera. The game is a singleplayer jump and run game. It is created to enrage the player and to have him to learn the the structure and pathways of the level and to try several times to beat the level.

Tristan Maria Herpich – Programming
Maria Lobanova – Artist (Characters)
Kevin Walter – Artist (Animation, Surrounding)
Nina Rösner – Management / Design

Gameplay Trailer