You’re thrown in a situation with no context. Figuring out what’s happening, what you are supposed to do, and how well you do it, are the only things that matter. “Evershift” takes place in a forest that it’s constantly changing based on the player’s performance. It makes players draw their own conclusions as to what is happening, that’s why they will have to go through three different minigames that change in gameplay drastically from one another. The game will take data from the performance in them and change the environment accordingly. After each of the minigames, the player will notice that the world around them has changed.

“Evershift” is a game that changes constantly, allowing the players to create their own context and story behind the game’s transformations.

Karina Pankov – Art & Project Management
Eva Baginska – Art
Yasaman Farazan – Programming
Janine Janer – Programming
Daniel Castellanos – Design