Floor 44

Floor 44 is a Queer “Choose-Your-Own-Adventure”, Immersive-Theater-Play With Transmedial Real-World Influences, or in other words: Theatre-Karoke with a Transmedial scavenger hunt, choices and puzzles. Three players take over the role of the actors, while one player will be “the director”, a benevolent guide, moderator and in-universe character. The Director will read the scene setup and stage directions for the other players to follow and entertain with prepared short stories and improvisation during downtime. If the stage directions are met, the Director can reward players for remarkable performances with additional choices leading to rarer scenes. Next to these solo-choices, there are also group choices where all players decide and influence the story’s course. During an intermission between scenes, the players get clues to go on a scavenger hunt, both inside the game as well as outside including the extended-universe material such as audio-dramas and actual social-media profiles.

Tagline: “Welcome, dear guest, to the hotel. Your entry fee is the second before the rock hits your head, or the last breath before your lungs are filled with water. Connect to your colorful neighbours, be nice to our staff and whatever you do, don’t go up to floor 44.”

Platform: PC with online connection (Windows/Mac)

Genre: Queer “Choose-Your-Own-Adventure”, Immersive-Theater-Play With Transmedial Real-World Influences. Experimental Game, Theme: Alterity

Alexander Oemus (Design/Project Lead)
Flo Ewers (Design)
Sarah Kempken (Design)
Jan Günther (Programming)
Ronja Wolf (Art)

Gameplay Videos