Collaborative Project

GEMINI is a cooperative puzzle runner with a twist: One player plays the game in VR, the other on a touchscreen, both controlling the same character from different perspectives. Together, both players have to solve puzzles. As both see the game world from different perspectives and have different ways of interacting with the game world, they have to communicate and help each other in order to proceed. The concept of separation is also continued in the narrative: The main character has lost a part of himself and needs to recover it.

Tagline: You lost a part of yourself – now you have to find it

Platform: Android

Genre: Mixed reality puzzle game


Vadim Nickel (Lead, Game Design, Programming, Sound)

Philipp Baumann (3D Art, Animation)

Anna Rosenkranz (2D Art, Concept Art)

Alicja Ossowski (3D Art, Animation)

Omar Ramos (Game Design)

Sarah Abouzari (Programming)