You play as “Grapplefoot”, an ancient strongman who was cryogenically preserved. Now unfrozen in the future, you have become the subject of a series of simulation experiments run by the SimuTECH corporation.

Swing around the level with your grappling hook and use your wall run ability to beat the level as fast as possible, whilst also collecting as many coins as possible. Optimize the path you take in the level throughout your playthroughs and rise to the top of the leaderboard!

Tagline: Combine your grappling hook and a powerful kick to defeat enemies, destroy the “power gems” and escape the arena.

Platform: PC

Genre: Ludic Game

Kosan Aziz (Art, Project Lead)
Radim Jelínek (Art)
Alexander Kappen (Design (Game, Level, and Sound))
Devashis Roy (Programming)
Martin Janosik (Programming)

Gameplay Video: