Heart-shaped glasses

Experimental Games

Heart-Shaped Glasses is an experimental text-based interactive journey through an abusive relationship. The game is played using a custom mouse that emits an electrical shock when the player chooses certain dialogue answers that trigger a violent outburst in their abusive partner, making emotional pain into something tangible that is able to be felt by the player. The game creates a state of tension in the player making them think about their words in order to avoid the shock and the abuse hurled at them by their partner.


Put your glasses on, “Love” will start in a few seconds

Plattform: PC
Genre: Text-based visual novel

Diana Alves – Programming, Electronics
Pegah Amirahmadi – Game Art
Evelina Bieliakaite – Game Art
Patricia Cotrim – Design, Writing
Elena-Adelina Popa – Game Art, Sound
Anna-Lena Richter – Game Design, Writing, Project Lead