It wasn’t a love song

Collaborative Project

An abandoned apartment somewhere in a city.  A murder happened here. Fragments of evidence are scattered across the environment: videos, sounds, voices. Collect and rearrange them into a sequence that makes sense to you – but be aware that each shift in your timeline will shift the truth of what really happened… “It wasn’t a love song” is an experimental game prototype that questions the boundaries between a game and a video editing program. The game puts the player into the position of a film cutter who can rearrange pieces of a story into three different storylines. The game can be seen as a “story generating engine” that can be used for multiple ways of re-telling or re-making a story. It is played via an innovative input: a MIDI controller otherwise used for mixing sounds.


A story generating tool about murder and deception.

Production Year: 2017

Platform: PC

Genre: Experimental Environmental Puzzle


Andreas Gefken: Game Design, Project Lead

Alejandro Borreguero: Programming

Alîz Gordos: Game Design

Anna Smirnova: Game Design

Daniel Fernández: Programming Ivo Dias: 3D-Art