Kids Help Project

Become a hero and save lives! “Kids Help” guides players through the entire process of CPR in the form of 4 innovative mini-games, utilizing voice, touch, and motion controls. Available for mobile devices, tablets, and PC.

The game was developed by a group of BA6 students in a collaborative project in the summer semester of 2023. The team collaborated with clients from Uniklinik Köln and Deutscher Rat für Wiederbelebung e.V..

Genre: Impact Game

Platform: Mobile Devices, Tablets, PC

Team members:
Anton Sinner (Project Lead & Game Design / @antsinner)
Ehsan Tabesh (Music & Sound Design / @ehsan.tab3sh)
Silja Borchers (Narrative Design & Voice Acting)
Ekaterina Beloborodova (UI Art & Animation / @decimmorbilli)
Aizhan Konuspayeva (Background Art / @chebureck_kyz)
Jule Hollstein (Character Art & Animation / @ruby.rosalina)
David Searle (Programming & Development / @dsearle2)