Have you ever wondered what developing a game is like? We invite you to take a peek behind the curtain and experience the development of a first-person shooter.
Play through the different development stages of one level from the shooter and experience the progression of various game elements. Follow the thought processes of a fictional developer team through commentary. All information will be given to you in context, as the content is placed next to the related objects.
And apart from this narrative layer, just enjoy the gameplay experience: use a bow to tackle intense action sequences, master platforming sections, and explore a unique and interesting environment.

Revisit the same level of a first-person shooter in various stages of development. Get to know the fictional developers behind it and experience first-hand how games are made.th his past regrets.

Alexander Gerhards – Art & Management
Lars Kalthoff – Design & Management
Ignacio Di Paola – Design
Alexandru Negoescu – Programming
Robert Pavic – Art

Gameplay Trailer