Line 451

Collaborative Project

Line 451  is a first person bus passenger game where the player is seated and can only look around. The game consists of several scripted events that play out regardless of player interaction. The game is set in a bus. The player is seated and can look around as well as interact with his music player. The small decisions like watching the view outside instead of watching the people inside, or trying to overhear people’s conversations make up the whole experience. In this trip, you can hear or experience various things/stories. In the end, what you’re going to do with this information is up to you.


You are travelling in a bus. What do you do?

Production Year: 2017

Platform: PC

Genre: Experimental, First person 


Ilke Karademir: Game Design

Felix Schade: Programming

Dominique Bodden: Art & Sound

Johannes Weber: Art