Mayhaemsters​ is a competitive multiplayer game for up to 4players where players control hamsters on paper airplanes asthey fly around on a continuously morphing beach while tryingto shoot each other down.Meanwhile, randomly appearing items cause the four majorbutton commands – Attack, Dash, Use Item and Self-Destruct -to be remapped to different buttons over and over again.The game features local multiplayer and is aimed primarily atpeople who search for a fun and thrilling couch-multiplayerexperience with their friends.

In ​Mayhaemsters​, your playstyle does not only influence thelayout of the map, but also the way how your friends controltheir player characters!

Michael Gebhart – Project Lead & Programming
Mohammed Najeeb Mshaweh – Programming
Daniel Baracotti – Design & Music
Sameh Mohamed Aransa – Game Art Consultation
Mohamed Ebrahim Hanafy Mahmoud – Environmental Art
Sebastian Gerena Cubillos – Supporting Artist & Character Art

Gameplay Trailer