Collaborative Project

You enter Virtual Reality to play a board game you soon lose in. You are told you need to make your pieces stronger. Each piece represents a character you must bond with to improve.Then for a week you get sent messages from these 3 characters. How many times and in which way you interact with these messages have an impact on the pieces’ movement and abilities.Once the messaging content of the week has been exhausted the game prompts you to enter Virtual Reality again to test your skill in the board game with your now powered up pieces.If the player is successful, then the cycle repeats itself for another week.


To beat a mysterious reflection on a magic mirror, the player along with 3 strangers must deepen their bond.

Genre: Chess-like board game takes place in VR

Platform: Smartphone


Project Lead, Programmer and Sound Designer: Tristan Herpich

Character and Environmental Artist: Maria Lobanova

Environmental Artist: Björn Röthig

Designer and Writer: Ignacio Di Paola