Mostly Sugar

Collaborative Project

Mostly Sugar is a mix of a card game and a board game played online with up to three friends. Every player secretly chooses goals throughout the game and win the match by fulfilling their fifth goal. Players move around the board by playing cards, not by rolling dice. The key: Every player can pretend to play any card –while others can question the validity of their claim. This dynamic of deception and disbelief is the pivot point of all elements of Mostly Sugar. Whether it is the functionality of a board field, the effect of a card targeted towards another player, or the battle of two: Players can always outsmart one another by bluffing or calling a bluff at the right time.


No Dice, Just Lies.

Platform: PC / Mac(internet connection required)

Genre: Digital Board Game


Tim Gleibs(Design, Art)

Eduard Gotwig (Programming)

Jan Maslov (Design, Programming)

Giovanni Tagliamonte (Design, Programming)