No Brainer

First Year Collaborative Project (BA)

The No-Brainer wakes up on a cold table in a laboratory and realizes their brain is gone. Accompanied by the voice of the mad scientist who stole their brain they proceed through the lab in search of it. In each lab room they find a different brain which they can insert into their head and which will change their perception of the environment. In these dream worlds, the player will solve specific puzzles and afterwards be able to proceed into the next room. Solve the mystery of the laboratory and find your brain in this mind-boggling puzzle journey and enjoy the mesmerizing isometric 3D environment!


You wake up in a laboratory without your brain – lead by a mysterious voice you proceed through the lab and insert different brains into your skull, solving puzzles on the way to eventually find your own brain again.

Platform: PC

Genre: Puzzle Adventure


Fritz Thiel (Game Art)

Caroline Dick (Game Art)

Maurice Matz (Game Programming)

Rebecca Nöll (Game Design, Project Lead)