Collaborative Project

Oneironaut is a virtual reality game in which the player can explore the dreamscape of a comatose person through the HTC Vive. In order to achieve progress in the game, the player has to explore the environment and find a way to turn the dream into a lucid dream. The game is separated in two phases, the non-lucid blur phase and the interactive clear phase that represents the moment of lucid dreaming. Only when the player finds and successfully activates the trigger to turn the dream from blur to clear, they can interact with the environment and control the dream. Dive into the world of lucid dreaming, experience the immersive game world, the beautiful dreamlike atmosphere along with the challenging gameplay and become an oneironaut!

Tagline  A VR game in which the player explores the dreamscape of a comatose person  

Platform  HTC Vive  

Genre  Experimental Game  

Team   Leonie Wolf, Sarah Ulzhöfer, Janna Zimmer, Laura Bamberger, Manuel Berlinger, Conny-Lorain Conz