“Pitch Black” is a sci-fi survival horror game without visuals. In this game the player will play as a blind marine who is in a research lab on different planet. The player has to pass through corridors and a horde of monsters to get out from the place. A navigation system is attached to his device which helps the player to navigate through the place and give signals about upcoming obstacles or enemies.
By this game, the essence of a game without visual have been experimented. The game is minimalist in control and level design. Additionally, the game is adapted from very popular game “DooM II (1994)”. The sounds, that has been used in the game, is copyrighted to ID software and from the original series which was released in 1994.

Rakibul Hasan Toor (Project lead) – Game and Sound Design
Ahmed Adel Atella Salem – Game Programming

Gameplay Video