Collaborative Project

Pictures Of A Reasonably Documented Year takes place in a simulated computer environment. The player browses through the files and learns more about the original owner of the computer, while it begins to increasingly malfunction. The game tells the story of Alexander Libovich over the course of a year. After his workplace burns down, he starts to experience more and more disturbing changes in his town. In order to prove himself, he tries to document them: He starts to take pictures, videos and recordings about everything around him. Is he going mad? Is it his computer? Is the government behind all this?

Platform  PC (Windows, Linux, IOS)  

Genre  Point and Click, Horror  

Tagline  A narrative horror game where the story is told through the files of a simulated computer.

Team  Orçun Turan , Maximilian Borisch, Bálint Márk, György Droste