Collaborative Project

Rewolve is a 2D sidescroller/platformer in which you play a wolf in a very mechanical world. You try to escape and you find a device that allows you to rotate the world around you in 90 degrees steps. With that power you want to break free from the world. During the game, your wolf changes into a more natural form to represent the changes. You have to navigate the world from a start to a finish. Inside the level there are challenges made of spikes that kill the player, and doors with switches. The first level is made to introduce the player to the mechanic. The first wall is just high enough that you can jump over it, and the player might try a “double jump” which would trigger the rotation. And you can solve the game with just that direction, but if the player tries to experiment with the controls they might find out that you rotate to the opposite direction with the opposite movement button while in the air. That allows for faster movement and progression. You move with the standard WASD on the keyboard while W is jump. In the air, another W or a S would rotate the world either to the left or right for 90 degrees.

Tagline  Turn the world to make your way  

Platform  PC   

Genre  2D sidescroller/platformer   


Lara (Sound, Game Design, and Narrative)

Henri (Game Design and Level Design)

Ilgin (Game Arts/ Character)

Tabea (Game Arts/ Environment)

Mohsen (Game Programming)