Ruin Runner

Collaborative Project

Ruin Runner is a fast-paced, side-scrolling 2D endless runner for the PC that takes the player through the buried remains of long forgotten fictional civilizations. On his journey, the clumsy protagonist Kino will discover several mystical artifacts once belonging to the ancient cultures down below that when picked up grant him the use of powerful abilities in order to escape the worlds now collapsing behind him. You are asked to combine these newfound masteries and not only save Kino but also the last pieces of cultural evidence stuffed in his backpack. The game is an ironic approach on the fanatic obsession over one’s national identity and deals with the everlasting, universal greed that inevitably leads to destruction, one way or another.


An endless race through what is left.

Platform: PC

Genre: Infinity Runner


Dominik Wenzel (Design – Lead, Project Management & Level)

Lisa Besse (Art – Animation & Environment)

Lukas Keuter (Design – Writing, Level & Sound)

Mathis Oster (Art – Light/Environment & Sound)

Dennis Richerzhagen (Programming)