Ship Happens

“Ship Happens!” is a light-hearted, yet fast-paced PvP party game, in which players in teams of two jump into the role of pirates that steal from ships using grappling hooks. It is targeted toward sociable players from any age range, that enjoy laid-back competition and want to experience humor through gameplay. While merchant ships continue passing between the two player ships, you and your partner compete against the other team of pirates on who can acquire more cargo.

Platform: PC (Windows)

Genre: Ludic Game / PvP Party Game (2 vs 2)

Go head to head with another pirate duo and hook the most cargo to your ship.

Team Members:
Carlos Jost (Project Lead, Game Design)
Maurice Krüger (Game Design, Sound Design)
Yamenefe Uğurlu (Programming)
Bennet von Wedel (Art)
Leon Cornelius Friedrich Grattenthaler (Art)

Gameplay Video