Spooky Friday (2015)

First Year Intermediate Project

A single player 2D-Platformer for boys and girls of every age: Seek revenge together with Spooky, the abandoned black cat, by robbing mean kids off their Halloween sweets! Jump and run through 13 levels, eat candy and use your gained weight to smash bigger obstacles or lose it to reach higher areas. Have fun rolling and scratching your way through this spooky, yet colorful comic world on your computer. Which route you can go may depend on your weight, and your actions define a different outcome each time you play. For you should never forget: The less mercy you show on your vendetta, the more you will hurt others.

Platform  PC/Mac  

Genre  Catformer  

Tagline  Shunned and neglected by her owner, called spooky names by mean kids, black cat Slommy decides to strike back and have revenge by sneaking through the houses and stealing all of the children’s Halloween candy!  

Team  Miriam Buschatz: Project Management, Game Design Lead, Characters and Animations; Till Gilsbach: Level Design, Level Art Outline; Marco Picker: Programming, Game Design