Collaborative Project

Sunny is a dialogue driven narrative game where the player has to put himself into the di cult relationships between two astronauts on the abandoned station. This project is a mixture of a two genres text adventure game and dating simulator. Put yourself in the shoes of both heroes of the story and choose your path in their relationships. You will be rewarded for each of your decisions and if you will be able to get through all obstacles on an old station you will have an ending that will correspond to all of your choices for both Sunny and Harry. Choose your way and manage it from both sides of relationships!


Sunny is a dialogue based game about relationships between two astronauts who trying to survive on the abandoned station.

Platform: PC

Genre: Narrative Game


Programmer – Mohsenne Chavérdie

Artist (Character designer) – Indi Acosta

Artist (3d/animation) – Jovan Matoski

Artist (3d/ui design) – Alex Chaikovsky

Game Designer – Daniil Khokhonov