The Noiseless Channel

Collaborative Project

The Noiseless channel is an attempt to create an experimental transmedial work based on Rosa Menkman’s “Glitch Manifesto” and other contents of the 4th semester lectures of the Media and Game Studies Module. With the projects foundation topic being “Experimental Games”, the center of the project is a game that toys with perspective and hardware. As the project itself is a journey through different stages of mediality, these aspects will be reflected in all parts of the Noiseless Channel. As an intensive work, all team members contribute standalone projects that join together into a transmedial Gesamtkunstwerk. These are: 1. The game with two screens / dimensions as well as custom controllers 2. 2D & 3D art created by someone unfamiliar with the required tools and techniques 3. Gameplay sonification by Floppy Disk Drives 4. Background videos and projections Encompassed in a performance, the conjunction of all works symbolize the “endless search for the noiseless channel” that can never be fulfilled. The artists as the nomads of noise set out to explore and experiment with technology beyond its conventional use as a means to reflect on the theories of noise.


An experimental performance about the history and our perception of medial noise.

Genre: Experimental Game Performance


Sabine Neuser

Kilian Schmitt

Hanna Steinhauer

Jan David Wasem