The Painter’s Perspective

Serious Games Project

The project seeks to provide a minimally invasive method of engaging with paintings outside of the traditional means of the established museum etiquette. The game will enhance the museum experience by augmenting the series of interactions viewers traditionally make with each painting, incorporating educational elements in the form of information signposts, and gamified elements in the form of a collection of paintings and their related information. Players should experience static media as living, breathing pieces through a technological symbiosis where contemporary digital multimedia and more traditional media are merged to create a new, focused experience. Project success occurs through a player interest in the painting, achieved first through the painting and animation segments, and then transferred into curiosity about the painting’s history, the context of its creation, and artist’s life, and more.


Immerse yourself in the sensual and aesthetic ambiance of the scenes that inspired the impressionist painters nearly a century and a half ago. Collect records of your experience in the form of factual collectibles and paintings.

Platform: Android

Genre: Serious Game


Alex Boccia: Project Management, Sound Design

Ahmed Hisham Emam: Art Design

Rüdiger Brandis: Game Design, Programming