This is Only Human

Experimental Game

This is only Human is a game about modern media-culture and how we as consumers distance ourselves from the reality which we perceive on the screen. It reflects on the fact that we have lost the sense of the actuality of the media-production; That we do not feel as if what we see or hear has really happened at some point.
The players explore an unexplained, dreamlike place that is filled with cryptic and seemingly meaningless media-snippets like short, pixelated videos or mysterious phone calls. In order to progress the players need to investigate the relations between those snippets and their own situation and then choose the right path to continue. If they don’t manage to choose the right direction, they will reenter the same area again but this time with a different right path to go. The correct way leads to the next area in which a different media-” puzzle” awaits them.


Post-Modern Text-Adventure

Platform: PC

Genre: Post-Modern Text-Adventure


Maximilian Borsich