Those Days

Collaborative Project

Those Daysis asingle player adventure/explorationgame for Windows. You play as Flo, an introverted, video game addicted 25-year-old man. When a pandemic forces the world into lockdown, not much changes in his life. The same can ́t be said about Fern, his neighbor. Besides the lockdown, she has a broken leg and no chance to get out of her apartment: she is over 70 and the virus could be lethal for her. As they both interact, a tale of coming closer in times of isolation is unveiled.


Those Daysbrings a story that will move players interested in classic adventure games, interactive storytelling and exploration.

Platform: PC/Windows

Genre: Adventure, First-Person Exploration


Dimas T. de Lorena Filho (Game Designer, Project Lead)

Luisa Maibaum (Game Designer)

Trey Ramm (3D Artist)

Narek Babyan (3D Artist)

Simon Skrippek (Game Programmer)