Torn Apart (2015)

First Year Intermediate Project

In ‘Torn Apart’ we wanted to implement the given theme (‘Mine and Thine’) through the feelings of a child which is in the center of her parents divorce. Each parent considers the daughter to belong to him/ her and makes her feeling torn apart. The gameplay is about following the twin sister of the player’s character to get back the other half of a teddy bear which was ripped apart in an argument between the twin sisters. For the mechanics we decided to create a 2D platformer taking place in a very surreal and displeasing environment for a small child. The challenge was to create a scary mood but still in the frame of a six year old’s imagination. At the end of the final level the player gets to reunite the sisters and the teddy bear. The outro reveals that the twin sister never existed and the nightmare the daughter went though only represents her emotions about her parents divorce.

Platform  Windows  

Genre  2D Platformer (Sidescroller)  

Tagline  A surrealistic 2D platformer about a little girl going through a nightmare in search of the other half of her teddy bear taken by her twin sister.  

Team  Janna Zimmer: Artist;  Arthur Eckmann: Programmer; Leonie Wolf: Artist, Group Manager; Giovanni Tagliamonte: Designer