Two Nines Fine

Collaborative Project

“Two Nines Fine” is a political, narrative-based, explorative experience about the hidden powers that fuel oppression, manipulation and war in a seemingly fake world. Welcome to City 16, home of PLEXOR and the visual metaphors. A world in which a corporation changes the rules, the media cover up the truth, and you are part of the machinery that fuels wars for its own advantage. You are one of many, going to work everyday, stuck in the rails that keep you and your peers on track. The maxim of living here: Don’t deviate, don’t ask, don’t look for reasoning. And you stick to it. Until the first deviant contacts you and starts opening your eyes.

Platform  PC  

Genre  Serious Game – Narrative Exploration  

Tagline  The Voice of War is Everywhere  


Allen Ohan Dülgar – Game Design, ProgrammingBarbara Sedderz – 2D Arts, Narrator VoiceLena Werthmann – 3D ArtsRemus Constantin – Game Design, Sound