Experimental Game

Unlight is a 2D arena shooter with a few twists and changes to the core game play. The game begins with the whole map revealed and turns completely dark after the players know their respective position on said map. After the screen turns black only certain elements are visible at certain times. An example would be someone shooting, this reveals a circle around them offering vision for the enemy or yourself. Another method to figure the position of yourself or your enemy is to listen to sound effects which resemble footsteps. The sound changes depending on your positioning. Either closer to the middle or closer to the edge of the map. Another important feature are bullets which ricocheted, allowing complex skill shots, which are required to win most of the time. One hit is enough to win the map.


Experimental, 2D, Pixel, Arena, Shooter

Production Year : 2017

Platform : PC and Arcade

Genre : 2D Arena Shooter


Matthias Siegel || Project Lead | Game Design | Sound

Jonas Schild || Level Design | Art | Animation

Anna Rosenkranz || Art | Lighting | Animation

Philipp Baumann || Art | Lighting

Patrick Temborius || Programming | Lighting | Animation