Vibrant World

Collaborative Project

Vibrant world is a mood-led narrative set in a desaturated world, ruled over by entities known as “Delights”. The Delights are manifestations of beauty who have lost sight of their primal undertaking: to fill the world with beauty. Instead, they hoard any and all beauty they can take from the world. The player adopts the role of a newly born Delight and must use what power they have to restore the land to what it once was. It’s the tale of an unlikely hero, coming of age and discovering itself through a series of confrontations with varying antagonists. 


In Vibrant World, players must set out on a journey to bring life and beauty back to a dismal land.

Platform: PC

Genre: 2D Fantasy Adventure 


Sam Baer (Project Lead and Artist)

Dasha Cherkasova (Game and Sound Designer)

Genefra Pamin (Programmer)

Melissa Perl (Lead Environment Artist)

Sky Neul Ha (Lead Character Artist)