Waste Planet

Collaborative Project

Waste Planet is a first person narrative impact game in which the player is confronted with a possible dystopian future of our planet. Planet earth suffered immensely from the human inflicted climate change causing the temperature to rise through an irreparable greenhouse effect making the planet uninhabitable. The human race appears to be extinct. Lev (the player), a supposedly extraterrestrial being finds himself on a deserted planet and wants to uncover what happened to it and its former inhabitants. With the help of his AI Aura they set out to find residues of former living and with it the answer to the planets demise. Waste planet addresses first and foremost the global warming that is caused by humans. The focus of the game lies on greenhouse gasses such as methane and CO2.

Tagline What if global warming is going to be ignored? Explore our future on the “Waste Planet”.

Platform: PC

Genre: Serious Game/Educational Game/Impact Game


Bogdan Borovlov (Programming)

Rick Hoppmann (Game Arts, Sound)

Anna-Lena Richter (Project Lead, Game Design, Writing, Impact Measurement, Voice Acting)

Niklas Tomkowitz (Game Design, Writing, Sound Design; Voice Acting)

Experts: Rica Maßmann, Guiseppe Mellace (Universität zu Köln)