First Year Intermediate Project

YGGDRASIL is an atmospheric 2D puzzle-platformer focused on two player co-op. Assuming the role of the two seperated lovers the players have to work together to overcome the obstacles that lie ahead on their path. A succesful gameplay is only possible through interaction and communication between the two players. The unique  art style of the game is based on norse art and gives the player the feeling as if the game is painted on wood. The players are the ones who „paint“ the story of the seperated lovers. The rather melancholic landscape and the slow paced music with anthemic sound contribute to an intriguing journey through the worlds of Yggdrasil.

Platform  PC  

Genre  Co-op Puzzle Platformer. For two players.  

Tagline  Seperated by death two lovers try to find a way to get back together. One crossing the boundaries of the worlds of Yggdrasil the other one wandering through Hel, the world of the dead.  

Team  Daria Jurek: Project Management, Character Art, Game Design; Josefine Maier: Environment Art, Level Design, Game Design; Marek Skudelny: Programming, Game Design; Raquel Rossetti: Sound Design, Character Art, Game Design