On August 16, the winners of the Indie Cup Germany 2023 were announced by GTP Media and “Tiny Bookshop” by neoludic games received the Rising Star Award as the best entry of a small team.

With their Indie game studio, CGL-alumni Raven Rusch, David Wildemann, and Maurice Andreas as well as team member Charlotte Zapfe aim at exploring games in all their diversity, tinkering with new possibilities, and constantly rethinking and improving the way they develop games.

In “Tiny Bookshop” the player can set up shop in scenic locations, and run the cozy store while getting to know the locals. You can collect second-hand books and decorations, stock books of different genres to satisfy the locals’ reading habits and equip the Tiny Bookshop with the items you collect. Where you go each day, which items you bring, and the way that you interact with the people around you all shape the town’s stories – and your own.

The award for the most anticipated game as well as the award for the most promising game went to “The Darkest Files” by Paintbucket Games.

Find out more here: https://indiecup.net

You can also visit the “Tiny Bookshop” yourselves at the Indie Arena Booth during Gamescom this week!