The first Guest Lecture of 2023 is coming up… unfortunately a little later than originally planned…! Due to the KVB strike the lecture had to be postponed to May 23. Looking at the bright side, you have a little more time to look forward to Pablo & Rodrigo Olmos from Anima Res who will talk about “Medical Education with VR/AR/MR”.

Anima Res is a specialist in 3D medical animations and interactive Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality applications with a particular focus on the pharmaceutical, medical and biotechnological sectors. Anima Res founders Pablo and Rodrigo Olmos will present their company and talk about new ways in medical education.


Upcoming Guest Lectures

March 21, 2023 | 5.30 pm
Postponed to
May 23 | 5.30 pm
Pablo & Rodrigo Olmos (Anima Res)
“Anima Res – Medical Education with VR/AR/MR”
CGL | 2nd floor | Aquarium

More dates will be announced soon!