Arcane Revolution is a Tabletop Roleplaying Game with boardgame elements that bridges the gap between narrative and mechanics and takes the players through a society rapidly transformed by innovation in the arcane sciences. Arcane Revolution is played by three to six players and a Game Master.

Prepare yourself for a game in which your character’s narrative growth finally matches their mechanical development! Get ready for innovation: Arcane Revolution improves managing your character by replacing pen and paper with boardgame elements, such as playing cards and status trackers. Finally, you can concentrate on clever tactics and making a funny accent instead of feeling like a bureaucrat!

The story too is all about innovation: breakthroughs in the Arcane Sciences transform the world, similar to the Digital Revolution of our times. While some dream of a coming Golden Age, others see society teetering on the edge of collapse. Pick your path wisely, for you might end up as yet another victim of rationalisation – or a cynic who is stuck in the world of yesterday.

Beware: when the wheels of progress churn relentlessly, only those who stand together can adapt to the new challenges. Will you and your friends be able to fulfil the Roleplaying Prompts to stand the test of time?