Papercoda Games is an indie studio based in Cologne, Germany, founded by three multimediacreatives from India, South Africa, and Vietnam. Our mission is to cater to the rapidly growing but underserved market of strategy & simulationgames that explore real-world complexities in a fun and insightful way. We plan to lower the highthreshold of entry into this sector and attract more gender-diverse and relaxed gamers throughnon-violent themes, cozy aesthetics and gameplay that is easy to learn but hard to master.

Breaking News – What is the truth, and who decides?

Breaking News is a narrative-strategy-management game that lets players edit, manage andexpand a newspaper during the heyday of print media. It explores issues plaguing the fourthestate such as sensationalism, propaganda, fake news, censorship and corporate control. Bypicking Headlines and Ads to print, arranging their layout, guiding reporters, managingsubscriptions and finances, dealing with competition and responding to the pressures of the richand powerful, the game will allow players to pursue a multitude of strategies and storylines toexperiment with the role of free speech and for-profit media.

The game is aimed to release in late 2025 on PC and selected consoles.