Peter Bickhofe lives in Cologne and as a freelance art director, he is passionate about working on all topics that are new and challenging. Even though he is into classic design jobs, pure graphics, good typography, and coding have always been a concern for him. The possibility to bring his own design to life through animation and interaction without the help of others has always been fascinating to Peter and brought him from scripting websites and first Flash applications, quickly to Javascript and C# projects. Since the end of 2014, he has also been intensively engaged in the field of virtual reality. His first app (WAA! VR) was released in 2015 and was featured by Google a short time later. In addition, VR projects have been carried out by the German Aerospace Society, Bertelsmann/ARVATO, and the Westdeutscher Rundfunk in Cologne. In the late summer of 2015, he was the co-author of a book about Google Cardboard App development and was booked for lectures in the field of VR at Cologne Gamelab. Currently, he is developing applications for the latest generation of VR glasses from HTC, Oculus, and Samsung.