Augmented Reality (AR) in inter-company training

We have teamed up with BZB (Bildungszentren des Baugewerbes e.V.) who have initiated the project “ARUB” funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) via the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB) as part of the special program “ÜBS Digitalisierung”. ARUB stands for “Augmented Reality in the implementation of digitally planned building structures in the context of inter-company apprenticeship training in the construction industry”.

The workpieces are created by the apprentices in the “familiar” way as part of the practical instruction, the AR glasses, type Microsoft HoloLenses 2, are to be used for visualization, for information and above all for objective control and evaluation of the created workpieces through digital measurement methods. The objectivity is produced among other things by the fact that the physically existing workpiece is to be compared after the digital measurement with the digital twin, the 3D – CAD drawing and thus the real with the digital / virtual world is connected.

The project team aims to develop AR-supported, action-oriented learning scenarios for trainers and trainees and to enrich vocational training in the construction industry with digital technologies. In this way, the project team would like to make an innovative contribution to “Vocational Education 4.0”.

Project steps

  • The project team is identifying what digital content will make construction industry training more attractive to young adults and make what they learn more sustainable.
  • In cooperation with vocational schools, practical tasks are created that can be processed with AR support.
  • Trainees create physical workpieces based on digital building plans using AR glasses.
  • The trainers evaluate the finished workpieces with digital measuring instruments (e.g. rotary scanners) and AR glasses and transfer them to digital.
  • The project team is developing a training package for trainers to introduce them to AR applications.
  • The AR-supported tasks will be implemented in the inter-company apprenticeship training.

The project runs from 01/2022 to 06/2023.

Foto © Nestor – Fotolia