EPPSA is a research and development project that aims to investigate opportunities for cultural institutions in the use of location-based playful applications. Over the course of the project, the EPPSA consortium has created a series of individual showcases in collaboration with cultural institutions.

The app Porta Praetoria C.C.A.A. created by CGL is oneof those showcases and the prototype for a multiplayer cooperative location-based mixed reality game that allows users to playfully experience the dimensions and atmosphere of the first century Roman Cologne right where it happend. By opening time portals and entering expansive dioramas of the ancient cityscape, players can interact with virtual characters and objects right on-site. Bring your friends and your phone, discover the Roman Cologne!

The project is part of CreateMedia.NRW, funded by the European Regional Development Fund (EFRE) and Regional funds from the State of North Rhine Westphalia.