SOLVE – Development and pilot testing of an innovative game-based prevention intervention for adolescents with increased risk for substance misuse and dependencies.

In this interdisciplinary project, psychologists from the German Institute for Addiction and Prevention Research (DISuP, Katholische Hochschule NRW, Cologne) in collaboration with game designers from the Cologne Game Lab (CGL, Technische Hochschule Köln) are developing and evaluating a digital game-based prevention intervention for adolescents at increased risk for substance abuse and dependence. The intervention is based on methods of CT, Motivational Interviewing and so-called Stealth Learning. There is also a cooperation with the University of Amsterdam (Department of Developmental Psychology).

The conception phase includes focus groups with professionals and affected persons from different settings (addiction support, youth support, child/adolescent psychiatry). The production relies heavily on interdisciplinary collaboration between psychologists and a game development team and has a repetitive approach. Playtests with adolescents are an essential part of the production, which concludes with a pilot test of the intervention.

Currently, the project is in the field phase, where the intervention is tested practically in a randomized controlled design with regard to acceptance, use and initial effectiveness.

Trailer: Field study – Risk Prevention for Young Daredevils

See also: https://katho-nrw.de/forschung-und-transfer/forschungsprojekte/aktiv/solve

This project is funded by the Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF)