‘words’ is a story-driven puzzle game where you will explore various interior environments that reflect the theme of the narrative. While exploring, you will also solve diverse puzzles that are directly linked to the theme of the story. Each time you open a door, there will be new environments and puzzles with unique challenges waiting for you. The abstract, surrealistic, and symbolic approach to storytelling will require you to pay close attention to small details scattered around the environment along with puzzles and their solutions to uncover a dark mystery.

Tagline A slow-paced, story-driven, first-person game that offers an abstract and surrealistic exploration of a troubled mind in its journey towards acceptance.

Platform PC

Genre First-Person Story-Driven Puzzle Adventure

Team Ahmet Zahit Dönmez

Awards Deutscher Computerspielpreis 2022 – 2nd prize Young Talent Award, Best Prototype

Gameplay Video