Play! Interdisciplinary Conference on Digital Games in Museums

While digital games were introduced into museums some time ago, enhancing the experience of visiting their respective institutions, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and increased need for digitization makes the question of the “game-based” future of museums all the more pressing.

The german-speaking hybrid conference Play! An Interdisciplinary Conference on Digital Games in Museums will foreground this very challenge. Representatives from the fields of media and cultural studies, game development, museums, and related cultural institutions will present their projects and findings at the conference which is funded by the Film and Media Board NRW. It will take place in the context of the Futur 21 Festival on March 12, 2022, at the Gesenkschmiede Hendrichs of the LVR-Industriemuseums in Solingen.

The conference aims to initiate an exchange between academia, game studios, and cultural institutions in order to shed light on the outlined topics synergistically from a historical-theoretical as well as practical perspective.

You can find the temporary schedule & speakers here!

Conference language is German. International contributions will be held in English.

About the conference:

The integration of digital media – especially game-based forms – into museum practice has become fundamental to attracting new groups of visitors and, therefore, serves as an indicator of the future viability of the institution ‘museum’ as a whole.

National and international speakers will address this very problem. They will present their projects and research work and discuss the artistic design, didactic conception and social significance of digital media and particularly game-based forms in museums. By doing so, they will shed light on the current conditions for the successful integration of new media: How does the interweaving of different media further museum education? What pedagogical, productional, and aesthetic conclusions can be drawn from the analysis of the presented (research) projects for the design of a museum of the future? And what can we learn from the past democratization of accessible knowledge and the participation of visitors facilitated by media for our work in the present and the future?

Play! Interdisciplinary Conference on Digital Games in Museums
March 12, 2022 | on site & digital

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Header image: Hannes Hummel